6 month personalized coaching package for salon owners, managers, and mentors. 

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Please take your time to thoughtfully answer these questions. They are important for me to understand what your history has been up until this point, where you are at currently and what your future goals are. This will allow for me to discern if I can be of service to you and how to best coach you toward your desired results. Thank you!    

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What is your email address?

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What are the immediate obstacles that you need help overcoming and why?

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Why do you think you haven’t achieved your desires up until now?   

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On a scale of 1-10 how motivated are you to address and resolve this area?

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What have you tried or invested in to address these concerns before? Why do you think it hasn't worked so far?

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If I helped you to achieve one thing in our time together, what would it be?

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How did you find out about the program? Podcast, IG, friend etc...

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What interests you most about having me as your business coach?

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My 1:1 mentorship program is designed to teach you how to fully embody your role as the leader of your team and to finally have complete control of you business,finances, profits, teams and ultimately your desired future. It is designed to get you the unique results you have been looking for.  It is a five figure investment. What is your honest reaction to the investment?


What? I don’t need a coach that badly!!


This is my next step toward success. Let’s figure this out!.


I know the power of investing in myself and this is a HELL YEAH!!!!

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