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For the past decade, I've been the go-to guide in my locale in the realm of beauty business education. Picture this: a decade in education, 25 years of industry wisdom, and a whopping 16 years orchestrating the show as a salon owner.


Now I’m here to spill all the secrets on how to turn your dreams into reality! Whether you're rocking the salon suite life, building a team or in a commission based salon I'm your guide to strategic thinking, independent planning, and all-around success.


Why trust me? I’ve been hiring and training stellar teams, automating systems and streamlining processes for maximum efficiency for over a decade. Now, I'm ready to spill those secrets, sprinkle some wisdom, and teach you how to up your own business game.


So join me here! This journey is going to be the gateway to your success. Let’s rewrite the script together starting today🧚🏼🌈✨


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