Meet Francine Thompson, Founder & CEO of Elite Salon Leadership 


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Francine is a seasoned beauty business expert with over 16 years of salon ownership experience. Her unique focus on energetics sets her apart as a coach for salon leaders and stylists. While many coaches emphasize systems and mindset, Francine understands the crucial role of energetic dynamics within a salon environment.


With a deep understanding of the energy and emotions of salon owners and staff, Francine creates a positive and harmonious atmosphere for clients. By incorporating energetics into her coaching sessions, she helps salon leaders and stylists cultivate supportive environments, leading to increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and client retention.


Francine's expertise extends to hiring, recruiting, and training teams, as well as client acquisition and streamlining systems for efficiency. With 25 years of experience in the beauty industry and 16 years of salon ownership, education, and coaching, Francine empowers beauty professionals to make aligned decisions and create fulfilling, successful careers.


Her holistic approach and wealth of experience enable Francine to provide comprehensive coaching that supports salon leaders in maximizing profits, decreasing expenses, and achieving personal fulfillment in their careers.

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